Monday, June 14, 2010

Green Tea Weight Loss Controversy

There must be hundreds or even thousands of studies that show the health benefits of either green tea or EGCG. Still there a lot of people that have no or little results by drinking green tea. Now, there a some thing that need to be addressed here. What has caused this green tea weight loss controversy? Are all the studies wrong or are the people doing something so drastically wrong.

First I can tell you that the studies actually tell how it is. Almost all of them are quality studies that use the standard double blind-protocol. That means that the people who take part in the study don't know if they are getting green tea(or EGCG) or a control substance (usually a placebo) and that not even the scientist that study that people know if they have received the real thing or just a ineffective placebo. The thing is that all the studies are correct. The results are true.

So why are not people getting results. Well it usually comes to one of three things. The first reason is that people's expectations are usually too high. When the expect that green tea is going to help them lose weight, that it is going to happen no matter what. That means that people think that if the eat pizza and do no exercise, but drink green tea that they are going to lose weight. That is really not the case. EGCG can help with fat loss, but only when your body is in a fat loss state. That means you have to eat healthy and work out. Otherwise you are wasting your money.

The second reason is that people do not use a enough of green tea. One cup every now and then is not going to do anything. You need to drink it every day and you must drink at least three to five cups. Using EGCG supplements is an easier way to get the amount needed for fat loss. The third reason is that even though you drink enough tea you do not get the effects, because you use boiling water. Green tea is very sensitive and if you use boiling water then you basically kill all the active substances. You must always use water that is not boiling, 80 degrees centigrade is the optimal temperature. Keep these things in mind the next time you drink tea.